July 10, 2006

Meet Wha??

logo.gifSo you're home on a Thursday night, you can hear people outside your shoebox-sized apartment screaming and yelling apparently having the time of their lives. All of your friends are out of town, you're not dating anyone. Bored huh? Life sucks?

Solution: a new service launched this past week to help fill the dating void in your life. MeetMoi is a mobile dating service that you can access anywhere. You sign up at the website, then later you text message in your address to start the service. For example, if you sitting at Park Bar in Union Square grabbing a beverage after work and feel like meeting someone, you text in "west 15th street and 5th ave" to hello@meetmoi.com, within a few moments you'll receive profiles of people who are in the area. If you like any of the profiles you see, you can then text message with them and meet up with in minutes.

QLL thinks that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. However in line being socially responsible, we think they should distribute MeetMoi branded condoms when you signup... This isn't your mothers dating service.

Keep your eyes out for QLLDude ;)

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January 09, 2006

Jim Morrison is Alive and Well


On a recent trip to Amsterdam, QLL identified the rock and roll legend pedaling across Prinsengracht canal on a bicyle. Looking huskier and rather aged, Morrison belted out "what a nice smile" as he passed us. We were dumbstruck. He looked familiar, sounded familiar and spoke with no trace of a foreign accent. After hearing his voice again, we made the connection. We recognized the haunting melody as the words lilted over the canal:

"riders on the storm, unto this house we're born, unto this world we're thrown."

What are the odds that a New Year's trip to Europe would uncover one of rock and roll's greatest legends. Morrison clearly fled to Paris to escape his celebrity in the U.S. Realizing that he would never be free, he faked his own death and went underground only to resurface anonymously in Amsterdam, a city whose relaxed drug and prostitution laws provide that his indulgent behaviour not draw scrutiny. While we stand behind our theory, we have yet to find any supporters, but encourage readers' opinions.

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September 28, 2005

The City That Never Sleeps...Builds?

In the midst of the midtown tourist traps and turbulent rat race, stands the foundation for homes (and hope) literally being built around the clock. Beginning Monday, September 26, Rockefeller Plaza will become "Humanity Plaza" for 5 days and is funded by Habitat For Humanity via millions raised specifically for this cause. The new homes will benefit selected families displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The project will be implemented over the next 2 months. NBC News "Today", Habitat for Humanity International and Warner Music Group are joining forces to help the Gulf Coast in the heart of Gotham City. Participating artists from Warner Music Group’s Atlantic and Warner Bros.Records include Josh Groban, Goo Goo Dolls, Tracy Chapman, T.I., Big &Rich, Randy Newman, Ryan Cabrera, Yolanda Adams and many others...

While this is a valuable effort that is both PR worthy and advantageous for all participants involved, perhaps we should start by applying NYC’s social service resources towards our own homeless who are being overlooked in Katrina's Shadow.

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September 24, 2005

Best Of...Fall Movies

Life Imitates Art in Proof

Proof, Directed by John Madden and starring Gwyneth Paltrow in a very demanding role that to a certain extent mirrored the events in her personal life, is a story that revolves around a grieving daughter, in the prime of her "quarter-life", who takes care of her mathematician father in the last years of his life—a woman so distraught she doesn’t trust her own emotions or memories. During the production, Paltrow’s own father fell deathly ill. Director, John Madden described Paltrow’s performance by remarking that "She’s an actress who knows how to draw on her emotional life," Madden explains,"and she had the terribly raw and hot experience in her own life to draw on." For me, Proof was a smart and dark story with a purpose about unconditional love paralleled by the responsibility and conflict to be true to oneself. It is an insider look into the convoluted world of math which reinforces yet challenges many stereotypes. Although the math jokes about prime numbers are trite, you don’t need to be interested or know anything about math to enjoy this film. Proof also stars exceptional performances by Anthony Hopkins, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Hope Davis. Proof was originally a play that won a Pulitzer for playwright David Auburn and a Tony for Mary-Louise Parker in 2001. Check movie times and theaters near you.

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September 08, 2005

Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour

top_mint_julep.jpgThe old French saying "Laissez les bons temps roulez" is New Orleans' slogan for "Let the Good Times Roll." Even in the face of tragedy, Americans will be raising their glasses in support of relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The "Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour" will take place Monday, September 12th from 5:00pm and 7:00pm. Sponsored by The Museum of the American Cocktail, patrons of the sponsoring establishments can sample classic New Orleans cocktails from Brandy Milk Punch to Mint Juleps. Drinks will be offered at $10 each and proceeds will be donated to a special tax-deductible relief fund established by the Museum of the American Cocktail benefiting New Orleans food and beverage industry workers. Over 86 restaurants are participating nationwide including Employees Only, Tribeca Grill and Dylan Prime.

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August 25, 2005

The Current Trend

small pic.jpgWhat is news worthy in America? According to The Google page called Zeitgeist (defined as the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era), this is a site that is regularly updated to reflect tidbits of information related to the search behavior of Google users (most of the world for that matter).

For the Week ending Aug 22, the top 3 gaining queries in America were: 1. Jude Law, 2. Skylar Deleon, 3. Courtney Love pregnant and Eva Longoria was number 15. A girl crush ladies?

Out of these Zeitgeist lists emerges a youth-focused network designed to bridge the gap between the Internet and television news called Current (backed by Al Gore). Current debuted this past August and derives content from the viewers (20%) and current trends searched via Google. Mostly, it is a loop of short subject features, from 15 seconds to five minutes. In an MTV/living blog like fashion,Current has been described by one as a tapas bar of ideas.

Although segments are repeated over and over, the news stories boast important and influential topics fit for the young and the restless surrounding such current issues in Gaza, Sudan, and other matters that will affect our generation now and in the future. Gore has been quick to say the network espouses no political agenda or ideology...I sense many (conservative) viewers will hardly find this statement to be the elephant in the room.

In other Google News...here is something new to chat about. Google launches an instant messaging program called Google Talk this week.

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July 07, 2005

Yet, another reminder why I never go out above 14th Street...

Welcome to Murray Hell!

The strip of Third Avenue that runs between 29th and 38th streets in Manhattan is more than 1,500 miles from Club Med Cancun, but on sticky summer nights it could easily be mistaken for that spring-break frat-trap where youth is ascendant and every hour is happy hour. On almost any evening, the bars lining the strip pump and grind to the beat of screechy-boozy flirtation, while Mambo Number Five blasts over the sound system like a bad bar mitzvah memory. Girls in Seven jeans nuzzle up to banker-boys in baseball caps. The boys ply girls with Raspberry Stoli. Everywhere the night gyrates with the sound of suburban kids at play in the big city....click here for complete article.


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May 23, 2005

I Dare Ya!

office humor 3.gif

1. Run one lap around the office at top speed
2. Groan out loud in the toilet cubicle (at least one other 'non-player' must be in the toilet at the time).
3. Ignore the first five people who say 'good morning' to you.
4. Phone someone in the office you barely know, leave your name and say, Just called to say I can't talk right now. Bye."
5. To signal the end of a conversation, clamp your hands over your head.
6. When someone hands you a piece of paper, finger it, and whisper huskily, Mmmmmmm, that feels soooooo good!"
7. Leave your zipper open for one hour. If anyone points it out, say, "Sorry, I really prefer it this way".
8. Walk sideways to the photocopier.
9. While riding in a lift, gasp dramatically every time the doors open.

1. Say to your boss, "I like your style" and shoot him with double-barrelled fingers.
2. Babble incoherently at a fellow employee then ask, "Did you get all that, I don't want to have to repeat it".
3. Page yourself over the intercom (do not disguise your voice).
4. Kneel in front of the water cooler and drink directly from the nozzle (there must be a 'non-player' within sight).
5. Shout random numbers while someone is counting.


1. At the end of a meeting, suggest that, for once, it would be nice to conclude with the singing of the national anthem - (extra points if you actually launch into it yourself).
2. Walk into a very busy person's office and while they watch you with growing irritation, turn the light switch on/off 10 times.
3. For an hour, refer to everyone you speak to as "Bob".
4. Announce to everyone in a meeting that you "really have to go do a number two".
5. After every sentence, say 'mon' in a really bad Jamaican accent. As in "the report's on your desk, mon". Keep this up for one hour.
6. While an office mate is out, move their chair into the lift.
7. In a meeting or crowded situation, slap your forehead repeatedly and mutter, "Shut up, damn it, all of you just shut up!"
8. At lunchtime, get down on your knees and announce, "As God is my witness, I'll never go hungry again."
9. In a colleague's diary, write in 10am: "See how I look in tights".
10. Carry your keyboard over to your colleague and ask "You wanna trade?"
11. Repeat the following conversation 10 times to the same person: Do you hear that?" "What?" "Never mind, it's gone now".
12. Come to work in army fatigues and when asked why, say, "I can't talk about it".
13. Posing as a maitre d', call a colleague and tell him he's won a lunch for four at a local restaurant. Let him go.
14. Speak with an accent (French, German, Porky Pig, etc) during a very important conference call.
15. Find the vacuum and start vacuuming around your desk.
16. Hang a two-foot long piece of toilet roll from the back of your pants and act genuinely surprised when someone points it out.
17. Present meeting attendees with a cup of coffee and biscuit, smash each biscuit with your fist.
18. During the course of a meeting, slowly edge your chair towards the door.
19. Arrange toy figures on the table to represent each meeting attendee, move them according to the movements of their real-life counterparts.
"office humor 2.jpg

And if that wasn't enough for you - here are some examples of insane acts you can use anywhere...
1. At lunchtime, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hairdryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.
2. Tell your children over dinner. "Due to the economy, we are going to have to let one of you go."
3. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.
4. Put your rubbish bin on your desk and label it "IN."
5. Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks. Once everyone has gotten over his or her caffeine addictions, switch to espresso.
6. In the subject field for all your e-mails, write " FOR SEXUAL FAVOURS".
7. Finish all your sentences with "In accordance with the prophecy."
8. Dont use any punctuation
9. As often as possible, skip rather than walk.
10. Ask people what sex they are. Laugh hysterically after they answer.
11. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go."
12. Sing along at the opera.
13. Go to a poetry recital and ask why the poems don't rhyme.
14. Put mosquito netting around your work area. Play a tape of jungle sounds all day.
15. Five days in advance, tell your friends you can't attend their party because you're not in the mood.
16. Have your co-workers address you by your wrestling name, Rock Hard.
17. When the money comes out of the ATM, scream "I Won! I Won! 3rd time this week!!!"
18. When leaving the zoo, start running towards the parking lot yelling, Run for your lives, they're loose!
-Author unknown

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May 18, 2005

There goes the neighborhood...

wsquar3.gifWashington Square Park, located in the heart of Greenwich Village best known for its bohemian and rebellious character is getting a face lift. The $2,731,000 renovation will include moving the fountain to be aligned with the arch; the elevation will be leveled off; dog runs will be relocated; the asphalt mounds will go; a lawn will replace the plaza; and most controversial, a four-foot-high granite and iron fence would go up along the perimeter, along with gates that would be locked at night. Gothamist has an excellent summary.

WSQ-054_180px.jpgIn related news, the Washington Square Music Festival celebrates it's 47th season by presenting three evenings of great music under the stars. Two classical and one jazz, Tuesdays at 8 pm starting July 12th. Performances take place on the bandstand in the southeast quadrant, which, if the Parks Department has its way, will not be there next season.

Update: Parks Department has bowed to public pressure and will drop plans for the gates. Again via Gothamist.

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April 19, 2005

Quarter-Past 2am...Hangout

Rue BRue B
188 Ave. B (East Village)
between 11th and 12th Sts.
(Map It!)

It's 2am...do you know where quarter-life hipsters are? Over on Avenue B of course! In this former dive neighborhood, exists one of our favorites, Rue B. On any night of the week, this small, yet welcoming spot on the Avenue "B" strip attracts a good crowd where "everybody knows your name". The ambience eloquently described by a nymetro writer, "curvy banquettes line both sides of a narrow, amber-toned space lit with glowing wall sconces...a jazz combo plays in the back...obliging bartenders mix first-rate concoctions." Just be prepared for long lines to the single unisex bathroom. ...and let's face it, at 2am you are not really there for the drinks or the food!

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