November 22, 2005

Tui-Na: Affordable Massage

massage.jpgThough the reception area at Qi Gong Tui-Na massage parlour is a bit cramped and drafty, the Pepto Bismol hued walls and sandalwood incense evoke the feeling of a spa. Upon our arrival, there was only one therapist but a brief phone call yielded three new therapists and a raised eyebrow from my companion.

tuina1.gifThe women materialised within minutes, each possessing a waning command of English. Now knowing when to use the subjunctive tense is by no means necessary for working the kinks out of my back. However, even a basic level of communication would have allowed me to better direct her hands. Nonetheless, in an hour she had covered every reasonable inch of my body.

tuina3.jpgAt Qi Gong Tui-Na the mysterious massage therapists just might double as call girls on Canal Street. But if your call girl-slash-massasge therapist compliments you with, "very nice body," refrain from wondering about the innocence of her inner thigh kneading -- she is just buttering you up for a big tip.

Be prepared to strip down to your skivvies in the presence of total strangers, because you are in a room with two other potentially anonymous clients, and you don't have time to think twice. And at $40 an hour, don't question; just sit back and relax.

Call ahead for appointments, and do not be guilted into a larger tip. 20% is generous enough.

If the idea of laying nearly naked in a room with strangers is enough to put knots in your back, Mario Badescu Spa offers solo massages for $70 an hour.

Qi Gong Tui-Na
222 Lafayette Street
between Spring and Kenmare


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November 10, 2005

Blow Your Bugle: Cocaine in the UK


Everyone knows that New York is the city that never sleeps but recent revelations on cocaine usage in London suggest otherwise.

A study commissioned by and published in the Sunday Telegraph reports that a shocking 80,000 lines or 2 kilos of the white powder are dumped into the Thames each day after passing through the bodies of England's finest and also sewage treatment plants. This number reflects the efforts of an estimated 250,000 people, or 4% of London's population, who blow through a combined total of 150,000 rails a day.

Tissue, please?

Apparently Kate Moss and her cohorts are not the only ones awake at night. Doctors and the British government are also losing sleep -- over the fact that the newly estimated usage number is fifteen times higher than the official figure from Home Office.

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September 28, 2005

The City That Never Sleeps...Builds?

In the midst of the midtown tourist traps and turbulent rat race, stands the foundation for homes (and hope) literally being built around the clock. Beginning Monday, September 26, Rockefeller Plaza will become "Humanity Plaza" for 5 days and is funded by Habitat For Humanity via millions raised specifically for this cause. The new homes will benefit selected families displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The project will be implemented over the next 2 months. NBC News "Today", Habitat for Humanity International and Warner Music Group are joining forces to help the Gulf Coast in the heart of Gotham City. Participating artists from Warner Music Group’s Atlantic and Warner Bros.Records include Josh Groban, Goo Goo Dolls, Tracy Chapman, T.I., Big &Rich, Randy Newman, Ryan Cabrera, Yolanda Adams and many others...

While this is a valuable effort that is both PR worthy and advantageous for all participants involved, perhaps we should start by applying NYC’s social service resources towards our own homeless who are being overlooked in Katrina's Shadow.

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July 07, 2005

Yet, another reminder why I never go out above 14th Street...

Welcome to Murray Hell!

The strip of Third Avenue that runs between 29th and 38th streets in Manhattan is more than 1,500 miles from Club Med Cancun, but on sticky summer nights it could easily be mistaken for that spring-break frat-trap where youth is ascendant and every hour is happy hour. On almost any evening, the bars lining the strip pump and grind to the beat of screechy-boozy flirtation, while Mambo Number Five blasts over the sound system like a bad bar mitzvah memory. Girls in Seven jeans nuzzle up to banker-boys in baseball caps. The boys ply girls with Raspberry Stoli. Everywhere the night gyrates with the sound of suburban kids at play in the big here for complete article.


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May 24, 2005

Work got you down?

Burnt out? Need to take a break? Feeling worn out from all the trips to Starbucks just to bring some variety to your day? Try office dares, form a team and see how many points you can accumulate. They go from the slightly insane, "Run one lap around the office at top speed" (1 point). All the way to "guaranteed to get you fired", "Come to work in army fatigues and when asked why, say, 'I can't talk about it'" (5 points).

hapland2.jpgFor less risky (and more discrete) entertainment, try Hapland, a flash based game that involves bizarre stick figures trying to light torches, guaranteed to keep you (un)productive for hours.

There is also the original (and less challenging version). Enjoy!

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