October 17, 2005

Need to know, What to do, Where to go...

Send us a question about anything (well...almost anything)and we will try to give you an answer or recomendation of where to go or what to do. If we don't know, we will find out. So feel free to ask!

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September 22, 2005

Ask QLL: Manhattan Drunk Club

"I just moved from Georgia and this site really helps me in NYC. I am looking for some people to drink with and I heard about this organization called the Manhattan Drunk Club, do you know anything about it? I just wanted to say thanks for this site."
- JamesonPleaseInGeorgia

Thanks for the kind words JamesonPleaseInGeorgia, indeed I think we can help. We dropped the Vice President of the Manhattan Drunk Club a line for more information. Here is what she had to say:

Can you give us a quick description of MDC?
mdc_logo.jpgThe MDC is the best way possible to link up with others in the fight against sobriety. Always drawing a crowd of enthusiastic drinkers, the research conducted at our monthly meetings breathes new hope in the search for a cure. Viva la MDC.

How long has the Manhattan Drunk Club been around?
MDC was born in May of 2004. We had a fantastic birthday party for ourselves in May 2005.

How large is your organization?
Between our mailing list and our attendance at meetings, we probably have around 125 people or so. We get around 40 per meeting.

What's the deal, the purpose, aside from drinking of course???
To cure sobriety. While it may seem that this is synonymous with "drinking", there is a subtle difference. "Drinking" is a short term fix for a larger problem, similar to drinking Vitamin water and eating a bacon egg & cheese sandwich in attempts to "cure" a hangover. While this helps win the battle, it doesn't win the war. Ironically enough, the way to win the war against a hangover is to start drinking again. Basically we're looking for a comparable solution to curing sobriety. Haven't found it yet, but joining the MDC is a good start.

Does your organization do any community service or is all boozing all the time?
Our first event as a group is the Light the Night walk [on October 6th]. This walk is organized by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and its purpose is to raise awareness of blood-related cancers, as well as funds for research and financial help for families that have members afflicted with these cancers.

How would you classify your membership? Suits, hipsters, drunks?
Definitely neither suits nor hipsters. Probably more than one drunk. The MDC is a chill crew who likes to kick back and have a good time. Past meetings have included a trip to a Karaoke bar, a contest that we created entitled "Beer Factor", a night dedicated to action packed games of flip cup and beer pong, a rowdy night playing cards and board games, a hot dog eating contest and more. Our natural milieu is the dive bar, though we've been known to frequent beer gardens and pubs as well. If I had to pick one hyphenated word to describe the MDC members, it would be "kick-ass". We also have a sister club in Denver (www.denverdrunkclub.com).

When and where is your next gathering?
We meet the 1st Thursday of ever month. Our next official meeting is on October 6th. While we haven't picked out a bar yet, we do know that it will be somewhere near the South St. Seaport (we're doing the Light the Night walk over the Brooklyn Bridge prior to the meeting). We are also having a scavenger hunt on Saturday, October 1st.

For more information on upcoming MDC events check out their website. Thanks very much for your time and good luck in your battle against sobriety!

If you have a question and you're having trouble finding the answer try Ask QLL. We can't guarantee we'll know the answer, but we might know someone who does. Cheers!

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