November 11, 2005

Tour De Bus


What if I told you that within less than 45 minutes you may be able to dodge midtown traffic, drink coffee, chill a drink, read the Times, listen to your i-pod, and burn up to 600 calories all while you commute to work (to arrive by 9am). Superman? Nah, you are just a New Yorker!

As New Yorkers, we are the ultimate multi-taskers and crave convenience and efficiency. Rio de Janeiro has satisfied this need by coming up with what must be the word's first mobile and moving gym called the Bus Bike. It is a totally modified bus offering indoor bike classes. 'Passengers' pay a monthly fee (which translates to $64 USD) for two classes a week (or you can opt for 3 classes per week). On board are an instructor, overseeing 16 bikes, as well as a dressing room, a fridge, and a sound system. The bus is connected to a GPS system to avoid getting caught in traffic jams.

bus.jpgThe bus uses fixed stops on three different 45-minute itineraries (M-F) The Bus Bike beats going to the gym and you get a changing perspective of the city. Better than any workout we can think of! With a spin-class on wheels, there could never be another excuse to run (or cycle) away from getting in your exercise!

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September 28, 2005

The City That Never Sleeps...Builds?

In the midst of the midtown tourist traps and turbulent rat race, stands the foundation for homes (and hope) literally being built around the clock. Beginning Monday, September 26, Rockefeller Plaza will become "Humanity Plaza" for 5 days and is funded by Habitat For Humanity via millions raised specifically for this cause. The new homes will benefit selected families displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The project will be implemented over the next 2 months. NBC News "Today", Habitat for Humanity International and Warner Music Group are joining forces to help the Gulf Coast in the heart of Gotham City. Participating artists from Warner Music Group’s Atlantic and Warner Bros.Records include Josh Groban, Goo Goo Dolls, Tracy Chapman, T.I., Big &Rich, Randy Newman, Ryan Cabrera, Yolanda Adams and many others...

While this is a valuable effort that is both PR worthy and advantageous for all participants involved, perhaps we should start by applying NYC’s social service resources towards our own homeless who are being overlooked in Katrina's Shadow.

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August 26, 2005

You've Got 2 Give 2 Get

rock.jpgGive 4 hours, Get 1 ticket! A new organization called Rock Corps has a new gimmick to get us to be a part of the youth movement to inspire social change in the community... and it may just work. Volunteering only 4 hours of your time will get you a ticket to an exclusive concert featuring Fat Joe, T.I., Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Young Jeezy, The Transplants and more to be announced at Radio City Music Hall in September. You can't buy a ticket, and the only way into Radio City Music Hall is by earning it! You've got to volunteer to be there in person, but the concert will be televised.

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July 07, 2005

Yet, another reminder why I never go out above 14th Street...

Welcome to Murray Hell!

The strip of Third Avenue that runs between 29th and 38th streets in Manhattan is more than 1,500 miles from Club Med Cancun, but on sticky summer nights it could easily be mistaken for that spring-break frat-trap where youth is ascendant and every hour is happy hour. On almost any evening, the bars lining the strip pump and grind to the beat of screechy-boozy flirtation, while Mambo Number Five blasts over the sound system like a bad bar mitzvah memory. Girls in Seven jeans nuzzle up to banker-boys in baseball caps. The boys ply girls with Raspberry Stoli. Everywhere the night gyrates with the sound of suburban kids at play in the big here for complete article.


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June 13, 2005

Manhattanites Head For The Mountains...and Get Fit For A Cause

bike 2.jpg

September 16-18, 2005

If there's anything better than biking through scenic landscapes, stopping for epicurean picnics, and tarrying in historic first-class's doing it with good friends, full support (massage included), and for a good cause. The first-annual Friends of Karen Bike Tour is a 200-mile journey into the hills of Litchfield County, CT and is scheduled to kick off September 16, 2005. The three day tour will raise awareness and funding for Friends of Karen, Inc. ,a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the emotional, financial and advocacy support of children withlife-threatening illnesses and their families. No parent should ever have to address such an illness, but if it happens, Friends of Karen is there to help.

The tri-state trek was described as a "Journey of the Heart" by tour organizer (and my father!), Harold Wagner, at the Pedal-Off Cocktail Party held recently in Westchester County to welcome potential riders.

"The enthusiasm and interest in this special event was exceptional, attracting a crowd of more than 60 people from the casual pedaler to the avid cyclist," says Wagner. To participate, each rider is required to raise $2,500 in pledges. Corporate sponsorships allow 100 percent of the riders' pledges to directly support the Friends of Karen organization. "Raising this pledge is not difficult if you communicate to your friends, family and fellow workers the reason you are riding. Once you explain your commitmentto the charity and the important work Friends of Karen does, people will want to be part of it by supporting you. The hardest part of fund raising is getting started", he added.

According to Wagner, the journey will be "a tour of lakes and exceptional scenic route passing by picturesque lakes, rivers, streams and mountains."

The ride starts out on Day 1 (Friday, September 16) at the Friends of Karen offices in Purdys, NY traveling north through Pawling into Dutchess County along the Webatuck River. Along the way the riders will break for lunch at the famous Old Drovers Inn.The ride continues into the hills of Litchfield County where the group will spend two nights at the beautiful Interlaken Inn. On Day 2 the riders will travel through Sharon and Kent,CT on route to Lake Waramaug for a gourmet picnic lunch.

Sunday morning, Day 3 takes the group into the Berkshires and then back to the Inn for a celebratory buffet prior to the trip back home in a chartered luxury bus.

"The Friends of Karen Bicycle Tour will be first class from beginning to end", says Wagner. "Participants will enjoy superb accommodations, exquisite food, full-support and a diverse group of everyday athletes who share a common desire to benefit others."

If you are interested in participating please contact Harold Wagner immediately at(914) 232-0904 or to reserve a space. Space is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

"Messengers and mountain bikers share a common chromosome."
~James Bethea

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May 20, 2005

Self Help DVD's

Yesterday evening on my way home from work I was walking along West Houston when I stumbled across a self-service store,(about 500-sqaure feet), open 24-hours called MoviebankUSA. The space resembled that of an ATM vestibule. Intrigued, I proceeded to walk inside. The concept is simple. Want to rent a movie? Help Yourself.


You can select from over 5,000 DVD, video games, and VHS videos. And, search by actor, director, genre and new releases. No human attendant needed. Insert your credit, ATM, or MoviebankUSA club card into the ATM-like machine, select your movie, and instantly retrieve it as it pops out of the kiosk! And, simply return it to the same location. If you return it within 6-hours, you only pay 99cents (or $2.50 for 24 hours with a free membership card).

Want to guarantee you will get the new release you want, got to the company website, and reserve a movie in advance and the video will be blocked from other customers at the store for three hours. In addition, you can sign up online to get an instant message or an e-mail when a movie that is not available is returned to the store's inventory.

In a city all about ease and convenience, one has to Question: Why would you walk down the street to rent a movie if you could simply order Netflix without leaving your couch? Answer: Netflix does not satisfy the New Yorkers need for a quick fix. Why wait a few days when you can have instant gratification?

The company has put smaller self-service machines that hold 1,000 to 3,000 DVD's in the lobbies of two residential buildings in New York.

71 West Houston Street, NYC

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