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August 23, 2006

Buns Buns Buns

mainmomofukussam.jpgMomofuku's steamed buns are near perfection. Berkshire pork, scallions and a little of Momofuku's secret sauce on a delectable soft steamed bun are one of most satisfying snacks NYC has to offer. Momofuku Noodle Bar, which was the first restaurant reviewed on Quarter Life Living now has a younger sister. Momofuku Ssam Bar opens today to much anticipation.

The space is significantly larger but still maintains the minimalist no frills of it's small sibling. Despite it's size the menu is significantly more limited menu, essentially a variation on three items, focusing on the Ssam, David Chang's Koreanized interpretation of the Burrito (loosely translated means anything wrapped). The steamed buns from the original restaurant will also be served, however they will use pork shoulder instead of pork belly. QLL is very excited.

mainprovince.jpgNow if heading over to 1st ave and 13th street (or 10th street) is too far uptown for you. Check out Province located in Tribeca at the corner of Church and Walker. Having a similarly limited menu, consisting of 4 different types of steamed buns, spicy pork, beef-short-rib-and-kimchi, chicken or pork shoulder. Equally minimalist decor Province is great for a lunchtime snack especially at 3.75 per bun.

You can never have too many steamed buns.

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