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July 10, 2006

Meet Wha??

logo.gifSo you're home on a Thursday night, you can hear people outside your shoebox-sized apartment screaming and yelling apparently having the time of their lives. All of your friends are out of town, you're not dating anyone. Bored huh? Life sucks?

Solution: a new service launched this past week to help fill the dating void in your life. MeetMoi is a mobile dating service that you can access anywhere. You sign up at the website, then later you text message in your address to start the service. For example, if you sitting at Park Bar in Union Square grabbing a beverage after work and feel like meeting someone, you text in "west 15th street and 5th ave" to hello@meetmoi.com, within a few moments you'll receive profiles of people who are in the area. If you like any of the profiles you see, you can then text message with them and meet up with in minutes.

QLL thinks that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. However in line being socially responsible, we think they should distribute MeetMoi branded condoms when you signup... This isn't your mothers dating service.

Keep your eyes out for QLLDude ;)

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