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April 23, 2006


ht_penny_060414_sp.jpgPennies have been in the news a lot recently. If you didn't know, last week was National Coin Week. Not very exciting. However, Scott A. Travers, former vice president of the American Numismatic Association, in an effort to raise awareness has put three valuable pennies into circulation in Manhattan.

Outside the Nasdaq offices in New York City, Travers dispersed the first of three coins - all pennies - at a food vending stand just this week: a 1914-D Lincoln cent valued at $300.
...[followed by] a 1908-S Indian Head cent and a 1909-S VDB Lincoln Head cent valued respectively at $200 and $1,000 apiece.
So how do you know if you've got the lucky penny worth $1,000? Travers says, "On the front of the coin is the year 1909, and under the year is the mint mark "S," meaning it was minted in San Francisco. On the reverse of the coin are the designer's initials - V.D.B. (Victor David Brenner)."

I usually pay no attention to pennies, throw them a dish and bring them to the Penny Arcade at Commerce Bank where I convert my rainy day fund into cold hard cash. My last pull was $170 (or 13lbs). woo hoo!

In related penny news, because of the rising cost in the metals involved in making a pennies recently, it now cost the US Mint 1.5 cents to make a penny. My solutions: drop the penny.

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April 13, 2006

Free Franz Ferdinand Show Friday

franz.jpgShhh! Franz Ferdinand will be playing a secret free show at Hammerstein on Friday. The show is sponsored by MySpace, which is now apparently hooking up free secret shows. There is a catch however, (no you don't have to post naked pictures of yourself) to get in, you must bring a print out of your MySpace profile with Secret Shows in your top 8 to the Tower Records at 692 Broadway. The URL for the Secret Show profile is myspace.com/secretshows. Make Secret Shows your "friend," put that in your top 8, print it out and take it to Tower. You'll get a wristband there, which is your ticket for entry to the afternoon performance tomorrow at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Doors are at 3pm, so you may have to play hooky from work. Just make it a three-day weekend!

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April 07, 2006

Pravda Celebrates 10th Year with 100 Roubles Drinks

"What the sober man has on the back of his mind, the drunk has on the tip of his tongue."
-- Russian Proverb

1Pravda.jpg"To celebrate Pravda's 10th anniversary we will be very Russian and sell our cocktails cheap. Any cash transaction will be conducted in Russian currency and there will be currency exchange available at Pravda. We will also be unveiling our new 10th anniversary cocktail, the Pravda Muscvoy, made with our house-inflused orange vodka and which we'll be serving throughout April. Our delicious menu that includes Russian specialties like blinis with smoked fish, lamb shashlik and chicken kiev, will also be available. As for festivities, there will be live Russian entertainment and other quirky details to follow.

Best known for his bistros Balthazar and Pastis, Pravda is Keith McNally's underground vodka and caviar bar located on Lafayette Street. Pravda will be celebrating its 10th year on April 9, the actual date it opened back in 1996. It falls on a Sunday and the festivities will begin at 6pm and continue on through 1am. Pravda will be open to the public and regular reservations are available. Bring cash! Regular prices will apply for drinks paid with a credit card."

And so that your in the know... it's 100 Russian roubles to 3.63033 U.S. dollars.

Pravda ~ 281 Lafayette St. btwn Prince and Houston Sts., below street level ~ 212.226.4944

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