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February 13, 2006

Warm Welcome to Winter


The Blizzard of 2006 is being hailed as "the biggest ever in New York City," blanketing Manhattan with a hearty covering of powder. In Central Park the official measure was 26.9 inches. With so much of our country still ravaged and recovering from extreme weather, one might have expected a hostile response to this potentially debilitating winter storm. However, the welcome given to the New York City Blizzard of 2006 was unseasonably warm.

snowman_small.jpgAll day Sunday people were out. Dressed with various articles of ski gear, rain boots, cowboy boots, snow boots, across the city people came out to play in the snow. On Sullivan Street between Houston and Prince, a squat little snowman with smart coal buttons, a carrot nose, plaid scarf and baseball cap sat prominently in the street, guarding a parking spot. Snowballs arched back and forth across Washington Square Park in an organized snowball fight and we even spotted people on cross-country skis. New York welcomed the storm, perhaps even found it amusing, but with temperatures ricocheting up and down the thermostat, the snow simply cannot last.

Enjoy the snow and the good humor while you can. Temperatures midweek are predicted to spike into the low-mid 50s by Thursday, dropping again over the weekend.

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