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February 17, 2006

Pillow Fight in Union Square


While QLL never took our pants off for Improv Everywhere's No Pants 2k6 Subway Ride, we do take our hats off to the resurrection of games from our childhood. Last summer we reported on mass scale games of Capture the Flag. Today we are thrilled to announce that newmindspace is bringing Urban Pillow Fight to Union Square.

This Saturday at 2pm pranksters and professionals alike will converge, feather pillows in tow, to wreak feathery havoc on one another. Our mothers never supported pillow fighting, but QLL strongly advocates it. Let the feathers fly!

newmindspace insists:

Soft pillows only! Swing lightly, many people will be swinging at once. Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras. Remove glasses beforehand! The event is FREE and appropriate for ALL AGES. Wait until the signal to begin! This event is more fun with feathers.

Posted by EMC at February 17, 2006 01:17 PM


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