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February 17, 2006

Pillow Fight in Union Square


While QLL never took our pants off for Improv Everywhere's No Pants 2k6 Subway Ride, we do take our hats off to the resurrection of games from our childhood. Last summer we reported on mass scale games of Capture the Flag. Today we are thrilled to announce that newmindspace is bringing Urban Pillow Fight to Union Square.

This Saturday at 2pm pranksters and professionals alike will converge, feather pillows in tow, to wreak feathery havoc on one another. Our mothers never supported pillow fighting, but QLL strongly advocates it. Let the feathers fly!

newmindspace insists:

Soft pillows only! Swing lightly, many people will be swinging at once. Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras. Remove glasses beforehand! The event is FREE and appropriate for ALL AGES. Wait until the signal to begin! This event is more fun with feathers.

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February 13, 2006

Warm Welcome to Winter


The Blizzard of 2006 is being hailed as "the biggest ever in New York City," blanketing Manhattan with a hearty covering of powder. In Central Park the official measure was 26.9 inches. With so much of our country still ravaged and recovering from extreme weather, one might have expected a hostile response to this potentially debilitating winter storm. However, the welcome given to the New York City Blizzard of 2006 was unseasonably warm.

snowman_small.jpgAll day Sunday people were out. Dressed with various articles of ski gear, rain boots, cowboy boots, snow boots, across the city people came out to play in the snow. On Sullivan Street between Houston and Prince, a squat little snowman with smart coal buttons, a carrot nose, plaid scarf and baseball cap sat prominently in the street, guarding a parking spot. Snowballs arched back and forth across Washington Square Park in an organized snowball fight and we even spotted people on cross-country skis. New York welcomed the storm, perhaps even found it amusing, but with temperatures ricocheting up and down the thermostat, the snow simply cannot last.

Enjoy the snow and the good humor while you can. Temperatures midweek are predicted to spike into the low-mid 50s by Thursday, dropping again over the weekend.

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February 08, 2006


birbig.jpgMike Birbiglia kicks off The Medium Man on Campus Tour Thursday, February 8th at his hometown college NYU. Mike has been featured on The Late Show with David Letterman as well as several specials on Comedy Central and is a regular on the Bob & Tom Morning Show.

It was just 4 years ago that Mike graduated from Georgetown University and moved to New York City, where he would be embraced by legendary talent booker Lucien Hold, The Comic Strip Live manager credited with discovering Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler. It was Hold who got Mike seen by The Letterman Show, where Mike would make his TV debut. Hold has said of Mike: "He's the first guy I've ever compared to Jerry Seinfeld." Mike's Letterman success catapulted him into a herd of TV appearances including his own highly rated special on Comedy Central. Seventeen Magazine has called Mike a "Voice of the Next Generation," The Onion has called him "unstintingly clever," and The New York Post just named him one of the "New Stars of 2005." People are predicting big things for Birbiglia. Last year, he played 300 shows in 40 different cities and his newsletter "Stuff I Wrote in My CVS Notebook" goes to thousands of people each month. -- Generously lifted from Mike's press bio.

Don't miss Mike, QLL has seen him several times and is a big fan. Check out clips from some of his shows here, here, and here.

Thursday, February 8th @ 8:00PM - Tickets are $15
NYU Skirball Center for Performing Arts

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February 02, 2006

Special Dinner Menu at Megu


Without fail, the last two years I have spent Restaurant Week cooking in my own kitchen. Either the post-holiday status of my bank account renders even reduced fare dining impossible, or tables are booked before I catch wind of the specials. This year, however, I will break my fast.

Stunning and expensive, high-end Japanese restaurant Megu is generously offering a dinner tasting menu of five courses for $35, February 1st - 3rd. Heralded by New York Magazine as a "close...culinary equal" to Masa, Megu promises to be exquisite. Call immediately for reservations. QLL will follow up shortly with a review.

62 Thomas Street
btwn W. Broadway and Church


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