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January 25, 2006

Italian Uptown

It is not often that QLL makes an appearance above 14th street. However, after a Friday evening visit to The Met, we found ourselves famished on unfamiliar turf. Leaving the museum on foot we headed east on 82nd street, hoping to stumble upon something delicious. We found Girasole, Italian for sunflower, an UES gem worth the trip uptown.

girasol2.jpgLow ceilings and soft lighting in the dining room create the illusion of an Old World taverna, an image delicately offset by elegant white table cloths and walls peppered with Art Nouveau prints. The clientele is varied -- museum goers, couples, large groups and a spattering of neighborhood locals to whom Girasole is clearly a weekly staple.

The food is remarkable. First to the table is a generous bread basket, and complimentary plate of antipasti. The fresh pastas with homemade sauces that follow are truly outstanding: the carbonara was rich and buttery, the goulash-style lasagnette truly to die for. Our hunger sated by the generous pasta dishes, we never actually made it to the secondi courses that New York Metro describes as "golden...head-turners." We think the entire restaurant is a golden head-turner and hope to be back within the month. Call for reservations.

151 East 82nd Street
btwn Lexington and Third Ave


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January 24, 2006

Pantless Idiots

no_pants.jpg If you missed it over the weekend, you can check out Improv Everywhere's new website which describes in visually painful detail their 2nd annual "No Pants" subway ride. Several readers contacted us to report on the event. The cops eventually showed up and freaked out, called in backup (25 more cops) and arrested 8 people. We choose to take the high road and not report on such silliness in advance however, today, my inner child has gotten the better of me.


This Saturday, starting in a TBD location in Brooklyn is the 3rd annual Idiotarod (yes, that's IDIOTarod not Idiotarod). It is New York's version of the great Alaskan dogsled race but instead of a pack of dogs it is people, and shopping carts replace the dogsleds. The event starts in Brooklyn, runs into Manhattan, and will end approximately five miles later. Last year 500 runners competed but an unknown amount finished. Drinking is encouraged as it "makes the pain go away".

It's BYOSC (bring your own shopping cart). Compete at your own risk.

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January 19, 2006

¿Tienes hambre?

mex%20food.jpgAside from playing host to one of Manhattan's hippest late night scenes, the LES is also teeming with hot new restaurants. El Bocadito, the new Mexican joint on Orchard Street, caught our attention.

Bringing together traditional street fare, street art and different genres of contemporary Mexican music, El Bocadito co-owner, Holly Grabelle, has crafted a well-rounded authenticity. The new restaurant is said to evoke the feel of modern day Mexico City at prices that will make your mouth water.

El Bocadito translates roughly into "tiny morsel" or "little bite," a name that suits the menu just fine. Chef Alejandro Moncada's menu is inspired by the street food of Mexico City and is composed of a collection of small plates like cactus salad, esquites, homemade plantain and cassava chips and guacamole alongside larger plates like crispy rolled taquitos dorados and tamales. Don't be scared off by humble beginnings; a lot of heart and soul has gone into the conception of this cozy new spot.

Currently open on the LES for dinner and drinks, brunch and lunch are soon to come.

El Bocadito
79 Orchard Street
btwn Broome and Grand

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January 13, 2006

Fixer Plays CBGB


Ladies, don your skinny jeans and black stilettos. Gents, get ready to grease up the mohawks. Local NYC rock band, Fixer is playing at CBGB. QLL had our first taste this summer and, quite frankly, we're dying to go back for more.

"Jumping on no bandwagons, Fixer have absorbed all the hi-test, hard rock, post-p8unk influences from the past and churned out their own intoxicating flavor of rock and roll."

Put simply, they rock. Front man, Evan Saffer, is not only an excellent vocalist, but also a mesmerizing showman, and The Reverend Diamond Tim Newton on drums is not to be missed.

Dinner plans? Go ahead and cancel. This show starts at 10:30 and you'd be sorry to miss it.

315 Bowery
btwn 1st and 2nd Avenues

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January 09, 2006

Jim Morrison is Alive and Well


On a recent trip to Amsterdam, QLL identified the rock and roll legend pedaling across Prinsengracht canal on a bicyle. Looking huskier and rather aged, Morrison belted out "what a nice smile" as he passed us. We were dumbstruck. He looked familiar, sounded familiar and spoke with no trace of a foreign accent. After hearing his voice again, we made the connection. We recognized the haunting melody as the words lilted over the canal:

"riders on the storm, unto this house we're born, unto this world we're thrown."

What are the odds that a New Year's trip to Europe would uncover one of rock and roll's greatest legends. Morrison clearly fled to Paris to escape his celebrity in the U.S. Realizing that he would never be free, he faked his own death and went underground only to resurface anonymously in Amsterdam, a city whose relaxed drug and prostitution laws provide that his indulgent behaviour not draw scrutiny. While we stand behind our theory, we have yet to find any supporters, but encourage readers' opinions.

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January 06, 2006

Last First Friday at the Guggenheim


6,500 people have experience the Guggenheim's First Fridays since the series began in October. Tonight will be closing out the party for the season:

Just as attendees were catching their breath from Funkstorung's delirious December appearance in the grand rotunda, Flavorpill rolls out First Fridays' most highly anticipated guest to date: Diplo.
Diplo and $mall Change will ensure that First Fridays' winter session closes with a bang. When guests return March 3rd, a brand-new exhibition will be installed featuring the boldly original visions of the 20th century's preeminent American sculptor, David Smith, and a fresh set of world-class DJs will be behind the decks. Meanwhile, the public can relive First Fridays' past via Flavorpill and the Guggenheim's First Fridays Blog, full of professional-grade photography documenting the nightlife phenomenon of 2005.

Previous QLL coverage of First Fridays. If you join the Guggenheim (we did last time) you get to cut the line and bring a guest, membership is $125.00 (A little pricey for QLL, but its tax-deductible, oh and...for a good cause.)

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