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December 16, 2005

Simon Says: Follow Through

Follow Through #574: Rotate your body 90 degrees to the wall. Cross arms, turn head and slowly shuffle around counter-clockwise.

No, it's not a Simon Says 2005. It's New Media Art! Jennifer Crowe and Scott Paterson's Follow Through Project is now open at the Whitney Museum of American Art. followthrough2.gif

"Follow Through is a mobile, audio-visual artwork that has been created specifically for the Museum's 5th Floor Permanent Collection galleries and is accessible to visitors on portable media players. The project is inspired by the discrepancy the artists found between the active and energetic art on view in the galleries and the rather passive and languid body language of museum visitors looking at that art. Referencing the structure of the existing audio tour, the artists invite visitors to engage in a set of exercises designed to bring well-established behavioral codes of museum attendance into relief."

Hilarity ensues as you find a stranger on a bench and sit directly next to him or speak in a foreign language loudly and point at the painting (if you don't know another language, make one up). We recommend going with a friend, but make sure to pay attention to other people around you and try to spot other behaviors. We don't know if the security guards are in on the project, especially with one of the actions to make eye contact with a security guard and then quickly turn away. From the QLL Art Department, two ears up.

by Jennifer Crowe and Scott Paterson
December 1, 2005-January 29, 2006
Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Ave. 5th floor.

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