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November 11, 2005

Tour De Bus


What if I told you that within less than 45 minutes you may be able to dodge midtown traffic, drink coffee, chill a drink, read the Times, listen to your i-pod, and burn up to 600 calories all while you commute to work (to arrive by 9am). Superman? Nah, you are just a New Yorker!

As New Yorkers, we are the ultimate multi-taskers and crave convenience and efficiency. Rio de Janeiro has satisfied this need by coming up with what must be the word's first mobile and moving gym called the Bus Bike. It is a totally modified bus offering indoor bike classes. 'Passengers' pay a monthly fee (which translates to $64 USD) for two classes a week (or you can opt for 3 classes per week). On board are an instructor, overseeing 16 bikes, as well as a dressing room, a fridge, and a sound system. The bus is connected to a GPS system to avoid getting caught in traffic jams.

bus.jpgThe bus uses fixed stops on three different 45-minute itineraries (M-F) The Bus Bike beats going to the gym and you get a changing perspective of the city. Better than any workout we can think of! With a spin-class on wheels, there could never be another excuse to run (or cycle) away from getting in your exercise!

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