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November 17, 2005

Gentlemen, Start Your Mustaches!

figaro_shaves_1.jpgNew York City plays host to many charity events. QLL is all for it, and will often times participate when time and money allows. However this one, I personally refuse to partake in.

Mustaches for Kids, a non-profit charity for children is holding their seventh annual shave off. Participants raise money by growing mustaches between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Growers solicit donations from friends, family, co-workers, and people in their communities. At the end of the growing holiday season Mustaches for Kids hosts a contest where the facial hair is evaluated by an independent panel of judges, and one mustache is declared to be the finest. Today, November 17, is the official kick off, or Shaving Day as it is known.

This year, the proceeds will be donated to the Children's Hospital of New Orleans. In addition to the usual demands of maintaining their Kids First Clinics, which provide free care to children from low-income families, CHNO is faced with the additional challenge of setting up statewide outreach clinics to reach their patients who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina. They're saving kids; the least you can do is grow a mustache.

Mustaches for Kids Shaving Day
Ace Bar
531 East 5th St
between Avenues A and B, Manhattan
8:00pm; Admission is free

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