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October 13, 2005

It's A Ruff World

290x120_katrina_banner_hsus.jpgThese days, the twenty-something NYC hot spot is not a lounge or club that you need to know a secret password or be an A-Lister to get into. Rather, it's somewhere you must bring a leash, plastic baggie, and a friendly canine companion-the dog run!

I am surprised that there hasn't been a NYC holiday declared "take your pet to work day", but I guess that's what doggie daycare is for. The dog-service market of New York has warranted a range of superfluous services from ruff-yoga, lux dog jewelry, to dog weight-loss programs, and now even a web community called Dogster. And bachelors take note, they don't call it man's best friend for nothing...having a dog gives you added ammo when flirting with the ladies.

Despite the plush life of many NYC household pets, there are countless animals that live in distress. They're the alley cats, stray dogs, and most recently the flood victims who were left behind and separated from their owners in the aftermath of Katrina. Animal rescue teams still search for survivors- a dog stranded on a rooftop, a kitten trapped in the branches of a tree- all without food and water for days or weeks. Even if you don't have a pet, there are many ways that you can make a difference in an animals life.

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