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October 21, 2005

More soup for you!

soup-nazi_175.jpgThe "Soup Nazi" is a New York legend. Up until now, the only place where you could get your fix was from the original store up on West 55th. Al Yeganeh, who is known for yelling at customers and refusing to serve others, was the inspiration for Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi". Yeganeh apparently does not like the term "Soup Nazi" and loathes Jerry Seinfeld, calling him "Jerry the Clown". He even goes so far as to claim that is was him who made Seinfeld what he is today.

Yeganeh has finally decided to capitalize on his fame by franchising his small soup shop. He is aiming to open 1,000 locations across the country over the next year. Franchise fees will be $30,000 for the right to sell the soup, plus 5 percent of their annual gross sales. Most of the 1,000 locations will be in malls, airports and other high-traffic locations.

Remember to have your cash ready, move to the "extreme left" after ordering, and absolutely no small talk or... no soup for you!

Posted by Jeremy at October 21, 2005 03:33 PM


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