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October 25, 2005

Why I should (but never will) move

nymag_oct.gifThis week's New York Magazine cover story is again a piece that reminds me that maybe I don't belong in New York City. The last time I wrote in to QLL was to complain about the same magazine's "most beautiful New Yorkers" story. Now, the editors have taken time out of their day to remind me that I can't afford the life I lead. In "Nailing Your New York Number" you can take a quiz to find out how much money you need in order to quit your job and get by. A friendly warning: if you take it, you might be in for a good cry. But it's a nice reminder of why, if you want to stay in your favorite city, you should get real comfy in your cubicle.

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October 21, 2005

More soup for you!

soup-nazi_175.jpgThe "Soup Nazi" is a New York legend. Up until now, the only place where you could get your fix was from the original store up on West 55th. Al Yeganeh, who is known for yelling at customers and refusing to serve others, was the inspiration for Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi". Yeganeh apparently does not like the term "Soup Nazi" and loathes Jerry Seinfeld, calling him "Jerry the Clown". He even goes so far as to claim that is was him who made Seinfeld what he is today.

Yeganeh has finally decided to capitalize on his fame by franchising his small soup shop. He is aiming to open 1,000 locations across the country over the next year. Franchise fees will be $30,000 for the right to sell the soup, plus 5 percent of their annual gross sales. Most of the 1,000 locations will be in malls, airports and other high-traffic locations.

Remember to have your cash ready, move to the "extreme left" after ordering, and absolutely no small talk or... no soup for you!

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October 17, 2005

AAF Contemporary Art Fair

AAF_fair.jpg"AAF Contemporary Art Fair is the place for new and established collectors to discover and buy paintings, drawings, sculptures, video, photography and limited edition prints from distinguished galleries, all priced from $100 - $10,000. This year the Fair will host more than 140 galleries with approximately a quarter of the exhibitors from Europe, Canada and South America.

The fair will feature a variety of events during the four day Fair including a video and new media program, a weekend lecture series, a curated MFA candidate exhibition and children's art workshops."

AAF Contemporary Art Fair launched with phenomenal success in 1999 in London under the name of the Affordable Art Fair and has expanded to six cities worldwide, including New York; Bristol, England; and Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. AAF provides an opportunity for the seasoned collector, art novice, interior designer, young professional or family to discover and buy original art works represented by emerging and distinguished galleries.

The fair begins on Thursday October 27th and runs through Sunday October 30th at Pier 92 located at 52nd & 12th ave. Admission is $12 per day.

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Need to know, What to do, Where to go...

Send us a question about anything (well...almost anything)and we will try to give you an answer or recomendation of where to go or what to do. If we don't know, we will find out. So feel free to ask!

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October 14, 2005

Walk the Lincoln Tunnel


On the morning of Saturday October 15th, thousands of New Yorkers will be walking through the Lincoln Tunnel. Fresh air will be pumped into the tunnel and cars diverted to the other tubes. Walk-The-Tunnel marks the first day of a march from New York City to Washington, DC, part of the The Campaign To End AIDS. The tunnel is just less than 2 miles long, so the entire walk should take less than an hour.

Hundreds of people concerned about HIV/AIDS will be walking for three weeks, from the Lincoln Tunnel to the Lincoln Memorial. At the same time, car and van caravans will be winding their way across the country from 8 other locations, converging on the nation's capital for a week of activism. These activists have invited all New Yorkers to join them for the kick off of their historic walk.

Walk-The-Tunnelis a once in a lifetime opportunity for New York City history lovers, engineering buffs, those who like unusual events, or those just curious about the world's greatest city's hidden underside.

Saturday, Oct 15th, 2005 @ Lincoln Tunnel. Times Square Kick-Off Rally 7:30am, Tunnel Opens 8:30am. Public transport will be available to bring walkers back.

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October 13, 2005

It's A Ruff World

290x120_katrina_banner_hsus.jpgThese days, the twenty-something NYC hot spot is not a lounge or club that you need to know a secret password or be an A-Lister to get into. Rather, it's somewhere you must bring a leash, plastic baggie, and a friendly canine companion-the dog run!

I am surprised that there hasn't been a NYC holiday declared "take your pet to work day", but I guess that's what doggie daycare is for. The dog-service market of New York has warranted a range of superfluous services from ruff-yoga, lux dog jewelry, to dog weight-loss programs, and now even a web community called Dogster. And bachelors take note, they don't call it man's best friend for nothing...having a dog gives you added ammo when flirting with the ladies.

Despite the plush life of many NYC household pets, there are countless animals that live in distress. They're the alley cats, stray dogs, and most recently the flood victims who were left behind and separated from their owners in the aftermath of Katrina. Animal rescue teams still search for survivors- a dog stranded on a rooftop, a kitten trapped in the branches of a tree- all without food and water for days or weeks. Even if you don't have a pet, there are many ways that you can make a difference in an animals life.

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October 12, 2005

Ice Skating

ice_rock.jpgThe ice skating rink in Rockefeller Center went up last week, a sure sign that winter is on it's way; we hope all this rain doesn't create a zamboni hazard.

In other ice rink related news, the NYC Parks Department has announced that Bryant Park will get its own 110 foot seasonal skating rink. It will take two weeks to put in place and cost $4 million, it will measure 17,000 square feet - about half the size of Wollman and about twice the size of the Rockefeller Center rink. The rink is scheduled to open on October 28thbryant_rink.jpg will be called The Pond at Bryant Park. Skating will be free or 7.50 for rentals and will be able to accommodate 500 skaters at a time. Ice skating is a really fun winter activity and we couldn't be happier that there will be more ice in NYC. Check out other places to skate in the city.

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October 10, 2005

Feel like Causing a Scene?

"Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places"

Improv Everywhere is a collective of improvisers, practical jokers who called themselves agents and go on missions of chaos. Conquests involving synchronized swimming, subway nudity, celebrity trash, New Cheerios, and dozens of other scenarios. Wacky and often elaborate pranks in the tradition of TV's "Candid Camera" and other practical joke shows. The most notable of their previous pranks was "Look Up More" in Union Square last March when agents stormed into Forever 21, DSW and Filene's Basement to perform a choreographed dance in the windows overlooking the park. Check out the video, it is hysterical.


mp3_experiment.jpgTheir next mission is this Saturday, anyone is welcome to participate. The basic premise of MP3 Experiment is you download a MP3 off their website (don't listen to it), go sit in Sheep's Meadow in Central Park and at 3pm put on your ear phones, hit play and do what the MP3 tells you to do as hundreds of strangers around to do the same.

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October 07, 2005

OAR Releases Stories of a Stranger


Of A Revolution (OAR) has just released their new album Stories of a Stranger. While OAR has an enormous grass roots following amongst the quarter living, OAR is hoping that their fifth studio album will be the one that propels them into the mainstream. The song Love and Memories, which is featured on their website varies greatly from their classic That Was a Crazy Game of Poker, but it is bound to be a hit anyways. Our favorite is Wonderful Day, it has a new and fresh sound while still true to their roots. Stories of A Stranger can be purchased on iTunes.

Special QLL Note: Insider information reports that OAR will be headlining at Madison Square Garden sometime in December/January. Keep your ears open.

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The Autumnal Equinox has officially come, so say hello to Fall by consuming mass quantities of beer, wurst, pork and cabbage. Despite the continuing warm weather and the apparent Indian Summer, you know it’s Fall when beer gardens and other Bavarian establishments across the city fill up with people celebrating Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is the autumn festival that usually emphasizes merrymaking and the consumption of beer. Zum Schneider in the East Village is hosting events every day until the 16th including DJs and live music. You can also check out Café Steinhof in Park Slope is also celebrating. Circle Line Cruises is having special holiday day trips up the Hudson stopping at Bear Mountain which is also hosting Oktoberfest festivities. Don't forget your Lederhosen and Dirndl!

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