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September 28, 2005

The City That Never Sleeps...Builds?

In the midst of the midtown tourist traps and turbulent rat race, stands the foundation for homes (and hope) literally being built around the clock. Beginning Monday, September 26, Rockefeller Plaza will become "Humanity Plaza" for 5 days and is funded by Habitat For Humanity via millions raised specifically for this cause. The new homes will benefit selected families displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The project will be implemented over the next 2 months. NBC News "Today", Habitat for Humanity International and Warner Music Group are joining forces to help the Gulf Coast in the heart of Gotham City. Participating artists from Warner Music Group’s Atlantic and Warner Bros.Records include Josh Groban, Goo Goo Dolls, Tracy Chapman, T.I., Big &Rich, Randy Newman, Ryan Cabrera, Yolanda Adams and many others...

While this is a valuable effort that is both PR worthy and advantageous for all participants involved, perhaps we should start by applying NYC’s social service resources towards our own homeless who are being overlooked in Katrina's Shadow.

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September 27, 2005

A Gate in Pursuit of a Floating Island


If you haven't been following the 130-ton Floating Island conceptual art project that has been circling Manhattan for the last few weeks you can get caught up with Gothamist's excellent coverage.

Conceptual art like this has always stuck us, as well, a bit stupid, along the same lines as The Gates from last winter.  Well apparently someone else thought the same thing.  Some Christo wannabe got a motorboat and built a replica saffron-colored gate and started to chase the floating island.  Caption Henry of the Floating Island remarks, "When I saw the kind of rig he was running, I didn't want him getting no closer. Joker like that? In a motorboat? I don't need that."

If you haven't actually seen the Floating Island yet, here is a list of its locations where it can be viewed.

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September 24, 2005

Best Of...Fall Movies

Life Imitates Art in Proof

Proof, Directed by John Madden and starring Gwyneth Paltrow in a very demanding role that to a certain extent mirrored the events in her personal life, is a story that revolves around a grieving daughter, in the prime of her "quarter-life", who takes care of her mathematician father in the last years of his life—a woman so distraught she doesn’t trust her own emotions or memories. During the production, Paltrow’s own father fell deathly ill. Director, John Madden described Paltrow’s performance by remarking that "She’s an actress who knows how to draw on her emotional life," Madden explains,"and she had the terribly raw and hot experience in her own life to draw on." For me, Proof was a smart and dark story with a purpose about unconditional love paralleled by the responsibility and conflict to be true to oneself. It is an insider look into the convoluted world of math which reinforces yet challenges many stereotypes. Although the math jokes about prime numbers are trite, you don’t need to be interested or know anything about math to enjoy this film. Proof also stars exceptional performances by Anthony Hopkins, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Hope Davis. Proof was originally a play that won a Pulitzer for playwright David Auburn and a Tony for Mary-Louise Parker in 2001. Check movie times and theaters near you.

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September 22, 2005

Ask QLL: Manhattan Drunk Club

"I just moved from Georgia and this site really helps me in NYC. I am looking for some people to drink with and I heard about this organization called the Manhattan Drunk Club, do you know anything about it? I just wanted to say thanks for this site."
- JamesonPleaseInGeorgia

Thanks for the kind words JamesonPleaseInGeorgia, indeed I think we can help. We dropped the Vice President of the Manhattan Drunk Club a line for more information. Here is what she had to say:

Can you give us a quick description of MDC?
mdc_logo.jpgThe MDC is the best way possible to link up with others in the fight against sobriety. Always drawing a crowd of enthusiastic drinkers, the research conducted at our monthly meetings breathes new hope in the search for a cure. Viva la MDC.

How long has the Manhattan Drunk Club been around?
MDC was born in May of 2004. We had a fantastic birthday party for ourselves in May 2005.

How large is your organization?
Between our mailing list and our attendance at meetings, we probably have around 125 people or so. We get around 40 per meeting.

What's the deal, the purpose, aside from drinking of course???
To cure sobriety. While it may seem that this is synonymous with "drinking", there is a subtle difference. "Drinking" is a short term fix for a larger problem, similar to drinking Vitamin water and eating a bacon egg & cheese sandwich in attempts to "cure" a hangover. While this helps win the battle, it doesn't win the war. Ironically enough, the way to win the war against a hangover is to start drinking again. Basically we're looking for a comparable solution to curing sobriety. Haven't found it yet, but joining the MDC is a good start.

Does your organization do any community service or is all boozing all the time?
Our first event as a group is the Light the Night walk [on October 6th]. This walk is organized by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and its purpose is to raise awareness of blood-related cancers, as well as funds for research and financial help for families that have members afflicted with these cancers.

How would you classify your membership? Suits, hipsters, drunks?
Definitely neither suits nor hipsters. Probably more than one drunk. The MDC is a chill crew who likes to kick back and have a good time. Past meetings have included a trip to a Karaoke bar, a contest that we created entitled "Beer Factor", a night dedicated to action packed games of flip cup and beer pong, a rowdy night playing cards and board games, a hot dog eating contest and more. Our natural milieu is the dive bar, though we've been known to frequent beer gardens and pubs as well. If I had to pick one hyphenated word to describe the MDC members, it would be "kick-ass". We also have a sister club in Denver (www.denverdrunkclub.com).

When and where is your next gathering?
We meet the 1st Thursday of ever month. Our next official meeting is on October 6th. While we haven't picked out a bar yet, we do know that it will be somewhere near the South St. Seaport (we're doing the Light the Night walk over the Brooklyn Bridge prior to the meeting). We are also having a scavenger hunt on Saturday, October 1st.

For more information on upcoming MDC events check out their website. Thanks very much for your time and good luck in your battle against sobriety!

If you have a question and you're having trouble finding the answer try Ask QLL. We can't guarantee we'll know the answer, but we might know someone who does. Cheers!

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September 19, 2005

Moves New York Fashion Issue Launch Party

TarynManning_100px.jpgSomeone should tell Moves New York that Fashion week is over. This Thursday they will be celebrating the launch of their Fashion issue, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at One in the Meatpacking district. The party includes complementary food and cocktails... and Taryn Manning.

Entrance is free but RSVPs are a must. View the full invitation.

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40 Years of Slurpee

blueshock.jpgThe autumnal equinox (fall) usually starts around September 23rd, however so far the weather shown no sign of slowing. To help keep cool in the autumn heat, its good to remember that this is the 40th anniversary of everybody's favorite cool down drink, the Slurpee. Slate estimates that approximately 6 billion brains have been frozen and that the Slurpee may have been the inspiration for Starbucks' Frappuccino, Dunkin' Donut's Coolatta and Kiwk-E-Mart's Squishee.

In the late '50s, a Kansas Dairy Queen owner named Omar Knedlik found his soda machine was on the fritz. He tossed some bottles of pop in the freezer and discovered people went into conniptions for the slushy texture that resulted when the soda partially froze. Wheels turned. He invented a machine to slushify water, CO2, and flavored syrup.

New Yorkers can now "...Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven" which recently opened in Manhattan on 23rd street back in July. Get them while their it's hot out.

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September 13, 2005

Die erste Riesling Woche in New York!

wine taste.jpgAfter my recent trip to Napa Valley and predisposition to sugar, I could not resist making QLL readers privy to this sweet wine-tasting event...it is the First Ever Riesling Week in New York sponsored by Wines of Germany. Wine-aficionados call it the "ABC" or "Anything But Chardonnay" trend among wine drinkers which has caused many consumers to look for more variety in their white wine choices.

There will be Grand Tastings in New York today at Thalassa that will feature over 100 German wines, representing eight regions and thirty different German wine producers. Event is open to the public from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm with a $25 dollar ticket available for purchase at the door. For more information visist the Riesling Renaissance tasting events at www.germanwineusa.com.

Here are some wine tasting tips that I have cultured from my vineyard excursion:

You can tell much about a wine simply by studying its appearance. The wine should be poured into a clear glass and held in front of a white background such as a tablecloth so that you can examine the colour and clarity. You want to be able to see the weave of the fabric.

Swirling the wine not only allows you to observe the body of the wine ("Good legs" may indicate a thicker body and a higher alcohol content and/or sweetness level) but also releases the molecules in the wine allowing you to smell the aroma.

After swirling your wine, place your nose and lips close to (or into the glass) and take a deep whiff to smell the wine. You will want to experience a pleasing smell. If the smell is particularly strong and unpleasant, this may indicate that the wine has gone bad...for example corked, oxidized, maderized or refermented.

Now take a sip of the wine. You are looking for the balance between sweetness and acidity. Slosh the wine around and draw in some air (like a slurp even). Notice the body and texture of the wine and if it has an aftertaste. How long did the taste last? Was it pleasant?

And just note, a bottle is not bad just because you don't like it. Everyone has their favorite and every type of wine has its special characteristics. It should be palatable, oxygenating, and an intoxicating experience!

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September 08, 2005

Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour

top_mint_julep.jpgThe old French saying "Laissez les bons temps roulez" is New Orleans' slogan for "Let the Good Times Roll." Even in the face of tragedy, Americans will be raising their glasses in support of relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The "Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour" will take place Monday, September 12th from 5:00pm and 7:00pm. Sponsored by The Museum of the American Cocktail, patrons of the sponsoring establishments can sample classic New Orleans cocktails from Brandy Milk Punch to Mint Juleps. Drinks will be offered at $10 each and proceeds will be donated to a special tax-deductible relief fund established by the Museum of the American Cocktail benefiting New Orleans food and beverage industry workers. Over 86 restaurants are participating nationwide including Employees Only, Tribeca Grill and Dylan Prime.

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September 02, 2005

A Beach in Long Island City?

beach%20with%20tom.jpgThis kind of thing cracks us up. Are you stuck in the City this weekend? Wouldn't you rather be at the beach? You can be! Harry's LIC at Water Taxi Beach is located in Long Island City where they have trucked in 400 tons of toothpaste-white, Jersey Shore sand (cost: $17,000) and a couple dozen picnic tables to create a manmade beach. A tiki hut, $2 PBR tallboys and a grill serving elk burgers and beach volleyball, no swimming though (but you wouldn't really want to swim in the East River anyway) and an amazing view of mid-town.

Started by Tom Fox the CEO of Water Taxi and Harry Hawk who is the chef at all-American grubbery Schnack and a partner at Gowanus Yacht Club (sorry, no swimming either) who handles the food. The 34th Street water taxi is the most direct route, but why drop eight dollars round-trip? It's a 15-minute hike from the 7 or G train.

Check out their blog for daily weather conditions and special events, oh and don't forget the sunscreen.

Harry's LIC at Water Taxi Beach
2-03 Borden Ave. (Queens) at 2nd St.

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3 Minutes of Fame


Want to be in a Gavin Degraw music video? Here's your chance:

How would you like to be in Gavin's new video??!!!
We need males OVER the age of 18 TODAY at New York City's Roseland Ballroom at 6 p.m. for a few hours! This is a first come first serve opportunity! Don't forget, you must be at least 18 years of age.
Please bring a valid picture ID and we ask that you wear only earth tones, no patterns or logos please. If you're not wearing appropriate clothes you may not be let in!!

Gavin will be playing two shows at Roseland with Joss Stone on September 25th and 27th.

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September 01, 2005

US Open Comes to Manhattan

usopen_logo.gifThe U.S. Open is in full swing and tickets are becoming scarce. Ticket prices on CraigsList and eBay are approaching the triple digits, more still for day 13 tickets. But if the fun of summer has wrought havoc on your finances, (as it has ours), or if a trip to Flushing is far too long a journey, you still have a chance to see a match. American Express is bringing the excitement of the U.S. Open to two Manhattan locations: Satellite viewing events at Madison Square Park (between 5th and Madison Avenues and 23rd and 26th Streets) and the World Financial Center (bordered by the Hudson River and West, Vesey and Liberty Streets).

"From Saturday, September 3 through Sunday, September 11, both locations will be transformed into interactive tennis experiences complete with jumbotron screens where fans can enjoy the live broadcast of each day's matches from 11AM - 11PM, stadium seating, special concessions at Madison Square Park provided by New York eateries Blue Smoke and Tabla, pro instruction, daily ticket sweepstakes and an assortment of other activities, including a New York Sports Legends Doubles Challenge, player appearances and more - all open to the public and free of charge."

QLL is excited about the jumbotron and special concessions! These details will bring the U.S. Open experience into the heart of our city, stadium seating to boot!

Monica Seles will be offering tennis tips and answering fan questions at the World Financial Center on Tuesday, September 6 and at Madison Square Park on Wednesday, September 7th from 12:30PM to 1:30PM.

b_0830_037roddick.jpgOn another US Open note, Andy Roddick's loss at the hands of Gilles Muller of Luxembourg is compounded by the American Express ad campaign in which Andy "loses" his "mojo" and can't seem to hit any balls. The "Have You Seen Andy's Mojo?" slogan has been plastered on everything from subway trains to billboards.

Sorry Andy.

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