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August 08, 2005

New York Magazine Names The 50 Most Beautiful New Yorkers


In a shocking twist that should take exactly nobody by surprise, 4 of New York Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful New Yorkers are staffers at Union Square's Coffee Shop. Every NYC resident knows (as does any college kid who ever shacked up at NYU Dorms for the summer) that the Coffee Shop waitresses are hotties, although the wait staff lost a bit of its street cred when the coat-check girl/waitress Naima Naima.jpgwent commercial and won America's Next Top Model this spring. The magazine's four beauties were nominated by Coffee Shop owner Carolyn Benitez, because "she was once a model herself and knows what it's like to have to make money to put your book together," so the whole thing reeks a bit of self-promotion. But bitterness aside, there is now official confirmation that Coffee Shop is a haven to all the aspiring pretty people in New York City. Well, them, and that buddha-looking waiter with only a small tuft of hair.

Check out these beauties, plus 46 others.

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