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July 18, 2005

Wine Tastings at Village

village.jpgSixth Avenue hustle and bustle can wipe you out. Looking for a place to rest those tired feet? Village Restaurant, West Ninth Street just before 6th Avenue, boasts repose and delicious cuisine in the midst of tasteful, modest Bistro / Brasserie decor.

Beveled mirrors, stained-wood mahogany bar and paneling, striped maroon banquettes and warm lighting create a classic, casual "only in New York" atmosphere. Wait staff is friendly and informative, the bartender quick to remember your taste in wine.

While plates off the standard menu of contemporary American/French fare are always scrumptious, QLL recommends checking out the daily specials. The Sunday special, spiced Salmon burger, goes great with a glass of 18 year Oban.

Plan your week around Village Restaurant. Good food aside, this Greenwich village gem also offers live jazz beginning at noon on Sundays and A World of Wine Wednesdays Tasting Series:

A six-week comparative wine and food tasting series set in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for meeting new people and getting' down.
The program will take place on Wednesdays starting at 7 PM- the first tasting will take place on June 29th, then will continue weekly though August 3rd.
Price: Pre-Purchased Individual Tasting $40, $45 at the door.

Wine & Food Do's & Don'ts
Why Certain Wines Work With Certain Foods
Hosted by Enrique of European Cellars
July 20

Sideways: Taste the Hype
A Pinot Noir Extravaganza
Hosted by Tim McBride of Village
July 27

The Women Take On The Men
Female Wine Makers vs Male
Hosted by Katell of Wildman Imports & Enrique of European Cellars
August 3

62 West Ninth Street
7 Nights/week 11:30am - 11pm (12pm on weekends)

New York Metro
New York Times

Posted by Jeremy at July 18, 2005 01:20 PM


A girlfriend and I dined at Village last night. Service was informative and discreet, the few minor snags in our order easily sorted out. With Viognier out of stock, we settled for a grassy Albarino and ate scallops instead of mussels. Everything was delicious and we were satisfied. The chef, however, went out of his way to ensure our satisfaction with complimentary Muscat and Baked Alaska. A truly outsanding dining experience.

Posted by: Liz at August 23, 2005 04:08 PM

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