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July 01, 2005

Subway Thrill-Seekers, Expect to Pay

subway.gifMTA authorities plan crackdowns on subway thrill-seekers who find their outlet joyriding between cars. With 117 injuries and 13 deaths recorded in the last ten years MTA's point is valid: riding or passing between cars can be dangerous. Joyriding between cars is only one of a slew of subway rules intended to bolster public safety on the trains. However, the tedious rules and steep fines seem better suited to cramp the lifestyle of thrill-seekers across Manhattan.

QLL rated newly banned subway activities based on thrill factor. Subway scooter riding and racing leads the pack of banned activities with the highest thrill factor, it is followed by joyriding between cars, changing cars, turnstile jumping, standing on skateboards, wearing skates, resting feet on seats or platform benches and sipping coffee. Apparently, caffeine and the ACE just do not mix well.

Coffee sippers, (and other thrill seekers), apprehended by police officers may be fined anywhere from $25 to $100, but MTA police spokespeople have indicated that enforcement of these rules may not be black and white. If a passenger has a good excuse for violating a rule, chances are they may not be fined. Points for creativity? I doubt it.

An MTA board committee vote on Monday approved the comprehensive list of changes to subway rules. However, criticism from some MTA board members postponed the final vote until next month. The 30-day postponement provides time for consideration and, more importantly, subway scooter races.

See the complete list of current subway rules and regulations.

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