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July 21, 2005

No. 2 Yellow Pencils: hip, vintage and a source of office entertainment

pencil3.jpgAs handwriting becomes obsolete and the most rudimentary writing utensil is a streamlined vessel that clicks out graphite needles, good old Yellow No. 2 pencils are a thing of the past. We bid adieu to those wooden elementary school mementos, and cast our farewells to pink erasers and pencil sharpeners, hand crank and electric alike.

But the Yellow No. 2 will not fade into oblivion. Following in the footsteps of 1980s track shorts and ringer tees, the Yellow No. 2 pencil is making a pointed comeback in hip, vintage circles. This summer, QLL has spotted Yellow No. 2's scratching out grocery lists in Citarella, mixing cocktails at Park Bar, even being sported behind the ears Lower East Side hipsters.

With Yellow No. 2 pencils on the horizon, QLL hopes to see a resurgence of Yellow No. 2 office pranks. Co-workers might not be easily lured into friendly games of pencils, (see note). However, marathon pencil sharpening, with a noisy electric sharpener, irritates everyone in earshot, providing quite the mischievous mid-morning boost.

Note: Pencils is an elementary school game between two players each equipped with a Yellow No. 2 pencil whereas one player holds a pencil horizontally between two hands while the other player snaps his or her pencil against it in an attempt to snap the horizontal pencil in two. Players switch back and forth from snapping and pencil holding until one of the pencils breaks. The player whose pencil breaks is the loser.

Posted by EMC at July 21, 2005 01:51 PM


I was once stabbed with a pencil in second grade just above my hip. I have the battle scar to this day... Beware of lead poisoning.

Posted by: Jeremy at August 23, 2005 04:08 PM

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