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July 27, 2005

Milk and Honey owner Sasha Petraske has created another favorite: Little Branch

little_branch.jpgBehind an unassuming door at the intersection of 7th Avenue South and LeRoy Streets, discrete drinkers will stumble upon an intimate, date-worthy watering hole. Descend the dark flight of stairs and continue through the door to find Little Branch. While $12 cocktails discourage empty-pocketed rowdy drinkers, dive-lovers who appreciate low-key quality and class will feel right at home.

The space is dark, seemingly dingy, yet somehow refined, sophisticated, and poised. Rustic cement banquettes cradle candlelit tables. A mohawked maitre'd in a tailored suit greets guests with an easy formality that is void of any pretension. Cocktails from bartender, Joseph Schwartz, are classic, crisp, made with the freshest ingredients.

pimms_ginspez_gr.jpgOn a late Friday night, we were seated immediately. Our waiter, attentive, knowledgeable and friendly, suggested rum muddled with raspberries, vodka with pomegranate juice. His instincts were right. Cocktails, which arrived promptly, were delicate, refreshing. The second round gave way to a remarkable Pimm's Cup and an ice-cold Mint Julep.

When reservations at Milk and Honey are hard to come by, head west. Little Branch may not offer oak and velvet accoutrements, but it promises the same service, discretion and intimacy. And, of course, The Rules.

Also check out Sasha's other bar East Side Company.

Little Branch
20 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

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