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May 24, 2005

From the land of Milk & Honey comes the East Side Company Bar

2005_02_eastsidec.jpgMilk & Honey, the famously secretive and elusive bar in the lower east side with draconian policies such as reservations only, no name-dropping, no star fucking, gentlemen will not introduce themselves to ladies, as well as an unlisted phone number has a spin off in the works.

East Side Company rumored to be completed for over a year may finally be open. "I think I'm in love with the bramble" says New York Press, refering to the painstakingly prepared most popular drink. In goes crushed limes, gin and a "special juice mixture we make ourselves," the bartender says enigmatically, perhaps to curtail, and rightfully so, cocktail-idea theft.

bitesbuzz040825_4_125.jpgQLL intends to check out East Side Company as soon as possible, check back for our full review.

East Side Company Bar*
49 Essex St. (Grand St.)

* Just as difficult to find as Milk & Honey, there is no sign, just a door. Look for "The Pickle Guys" which is just nextdoor.

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